Pour ma part, je me retrouve pas mal dans ces 2 passages :
5-04-2019, 04:16 PM
“I too am enjoying this constant buzzing. I feel like I am always at a base level of highly aroused, and can ramp it up into much stronger aless sensations at almost any time— on a train, while walking, while pretending to listen, while writing on this forum ”
Un autre pratiquant de l’indétectabilité.

“One type of aless or aneros in pleasure amplifier I use is the subtle movement of my legs. Keeping the sides of my knees together while lying on my side and rubbing them ever so slowly and gently together in circles. or slowly spreading them apart with my mind but not actually spreading them. Or alternately lowering one side of my hip and then the other, all very slowly..” C’est tellement liane lascive, n’est-ce pas @bzo